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When we  first heard of a wonder product that protected hair from colour damage, we knew we had to get it into architecthair as soon as we could, that was 6 years ago, we’re proud to say then we were one of the first salons in the UK to get Olaplex to use on our clients hair and from day 1 our clients loved it and we loved to work with it. Our colour work at architect is renowned and the quality of that work is supported by Olaplex.

All of our stylists at architecthair have Olaplex certification and Louise was chosen to be a UK Olaplex Ambassador, we know how to work with this product and we pass that knowledge to our clients giving them great hair!

Unfortunately the hairdressing industry is besieged with various forms of wonder product and since the introduction of Olaplex that has been even more the case, we’ve tried all the new “plex”’s and not one is a patch on Olaplex – quite simply IT WORKS! It’s key ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate is patented and whilst other manufactures may claim their product is the same, they are being economical with the truth, this is why we recommend Olaplex above all hair care products.



Indulgence shouldn’t have to be an indulgence. Even daily routines like hair care should be made to feel special. With Neäl & Wølf indulgence is redefined.

 Neal and Wolf product are amazing value for money and many are our “go to” choices to get great results on our clients hair, here we have the selection that our stylists love and use daily in the salon 


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Give the gift of gorgeous hair! You can use our gift vouchers for our services or products.

We offer both pre-printed (to pick up at the salon or postal delivery) and downloadable gift vouchers/ prepaid vouchers. We are happy to advise on the costs of our services to help with your purchase just message us and we’ll do our best to help